Haunted Cannery

An experience that will haunt you forever! Located at Walter's Pumpkin Patch. North of El Dorado, Kansas.

Take the open-air hay wagon through the country darkness past the cornfields...Caution while crossing the low-water bridge, as danger lurks around every turn. Once inside, trek cautiously through the abandoned 4-story grain elevator while the sites and sounds seize your very soul!

All tickets include admission to "The Hayride" to the "The Haunted Cannery" and Lunatic Asylum" Victims get aboard either the Haywagon or the "Hell Bound" Ambulance (RIP ticket required) for the start of your nightmare adventure traveling down a long, winding, dark.,deserted road crossing over the low water bridge and cautiously heading through the corn and pumpkin fields.

Once inside the Lunatic Asylum maze, patients bang their heads and plead to leave the "hell" that they are in. If you stay in the asylum too long, you actually feel like you're going to go insane.

The Haunted Cannery is the ultimate spook house filled with horrifying music, clowns, chainsaws, zombies, spiders, vampires. werewolves, slides and anything horrific that comes to mind. In fact, the Haunted Cannery is everything found in your worst nightmare. Participants who pay extra for RIP (speed pass) ticket admission get to experience the exclusive closed lid rolling casket ride at the RIP MORTUARY. That crazy "Hell bound" ambulance driver will drop the RIP speed pass ticket holders off here first. Now take a horrifying close encounter to dying and experiencing the darkness while locked in a claustrophobic rolling casket. (limit 2 corpses). But don't worry after your casket ride because your RIP (speed pass) ticket allows you to be "first in line " now of all the other crazies waiting in line getting into the Lunatic Asylum.The flashlight corn maze is part of the combo ticket and is kid friendly with no actor scares except from your friends. New this year upgraded tickets. Scaredy pants upgraded ticket is for those people who want to be left alone. No actor will bug you if you have this upgrade.

The other ticket upgrade is Make Me Messy and All Bloody. You will participate with the actors one on one with real, okay fake blood and whatever else makes a mess. We suggest bring a change of clothes. SAFETY GOGGLES AND RAIN PONCHOS PROVIDED for these brave souls

Admission Costs: General Admission $20
RIP Ticket (Fast pass) $45
Scaredy pants upgrade $4 more


October 2020
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Open Fridays / Saturdays nights in October.
8:00 PM- 11:00 PM


General Admission $20
RIP Ticket (Fast pass) $45
Scaredy pants upgrade $4 more

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10001 NW US Hwy 77
El Dorado, KS 67042